EDL Update

The City has been informed that the EDL facility will again be running during daylight hours, Monday-Saturday from approximately 6am – 7pm, beginning on or around July 15.  During this time, new equipment will be commissioned and sound testing will be conducted.  The sound barrier wall closest to residents will be the first portion constructed, and noise testing will be conducted as the wall is being constructed to determine if any modifications are needed.

The sound testing is being conducted by SCS, the contractor constructing the wall. EDL has also hired a sound contractor to independently confirm SCS’s results.  Sound measurements were performed over an extended 24/7 period to establish the quietest time-averaged sound level as a baseline, which is from 2-4 am.  These measurements were taken when the RNG facility was shut down.  There are numerous measurement devices placed in various locations surrounding the facility, ensuring a transparent and comprehensive process. When the facility is ready to start back up after re-commissioning, SCS will run the sound testing to confirm that EDL’s compliance with the City’s ordinance can be demonstrated. The sound testing cannot be completed until the facility is re-commissioned and the facility is operating as designed. The City will have access to all testing results.