The City Charter was adopted by the voters in 1954 and went into effect on the first day of January 1955. The Charter is a governing document that provides a level of flexibility in local decision making which contains provisions that guide the organizational structure, duties, and responsibilities of elected and appointed officials.

Charter Document

Oberlin News-Tribune Articles Reporting Charter Debate (1953-1954)
Research completed by the Oberlin College Archives_ Ken Grossi (2/2013)

Charter Review Committee

Pursuant to Section XXVIII of the Oberlin City Charter, at the second meeting of Council in January, 2003, and each ten (10) years thereafter, a Charter Review Committee of eleven (11) members shall be appointed to study, appraise and evaluate the operation of the City Charter.

Purpose and Overview

The primary function of the Charter Review Committee (CRC) is to undertake a comprehensive review of the Oberlin City Charter, and make recommendations to the Oberlin City Council for amendments and/or revisions to the Charter.

Charter Review Past Members

Current Members

Member Title End of Term
Frank Carlson Chair March 5, 2014
Duane Anderson Sr. Vice Chair March 5, 2014
Marci Alegant Member March 5, 2014
Dick Dunn Member March 5, 2014
Eric Estes Member March 5, 2014
Patricia L. Knight Member March 5, 2014
Albert G. Miller Member March 5, 2014
James Millette Member March 5, 2014
Ron Rimbert Member March 5, 2014
Mary Van Nortwick Member March 5, 2014
Nancy Yood Member March 5, 2014
Jon Clark Legal Staff
Belinda Anderson City Clerk, Secretary

Meeting dates

The CRC meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held in Council Chambers.  All meetings are subject to the Ohio Sunshine Law and must be advertised and open to the public.

2014 November 4th Election Materials

2014 Proposed Charter Amendment Booklet_Full Text

2014 Proposed Charter Amendment Brochure

Important Documents

Organizational Flowchart

Supplemental Information

Constitution of the State of Ohio
Guide for Charter Commission
Model City Charter– 8th Edition
Council Manager Form of Government