The Oberlin EV CarShare Program now offers 4 electric cars ready to use!

The City of Oberlin and Oberlin College have contracted with Sway Mobility to provide an electric car share program for the Oberlin community.  There are four CarShare vehicles (Chevrolet Bolts) available to any Oberlin resident or Oberlin College student with a valid driver's license, pending certain requirements.

EV CarShare vehicles are located:

  • 1 Vehicle Available
    Oberlin City Hall Parking Lot
    85 S. Main Street
    behind the Police Department

  • 1 Vehicle Available
    George A. Abram Memorial Pavilion
    273 S. Main Street
    next to the bike path and behind McDonalds.

  • 2 Vehicles Available
    A.J. Lewis Center for Environmental Studies Parking Lot
    122 Elm Street
    north of the solar array.

Please return the vehicles to the charging stations where you found them.

In accordance with the City’s Climate Action Plan, these cars run on 100% electric power. The EV CarShare Program is funded through the City’s Sustainable Reserve Fund.

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Learn More & Get Started!

Check out the video below to learn how to use Oberlin's new EVCarShare Program: