Current Construction Projects

West College St: Pavement Improvements

On August 15th, City Council awarded a $967,249.89 contract to Smith Paving & Excavating to repave and install new concrete curbs along West College from Prospect to Pyle South Amherst. For more information please see the Department’s recommendation:

West College Recommendation

Update (11/21/22):

The West College Pavement Improvement project is substantially complete with the exception of the final pavement markings and a few miscellaneous punch list items. The earlier than expected change in the weather has caused us to push the final thermoplastic centerline and bike lane striping to the Spring, but painted lines will be installed in early December. The road is now open to through traffic, but please exercise caution if you see crews onsite finishing things up.


Ramsey Right-of-Way Water Transmission Line

On June 6th, City Council awarded a $322,710.00 contract to Dirt Dawg Excavating to install a new 8″ transmission water line along the Ramsey Right-of-Way from Reserve Ave to West Hamilton St. For more information, please see the Department’s recommendation.

Ramsey RoW Waterline Recommendation

Update (11/21/22):

The new 8″ HDPE and Ductile Iron water lines have been installed and tied into the existing water mains on Reserve Ave and West Hamilton. A new fire hydrant was also installed at the west end of West Hamilton. All necessary bacteriological and pressure testing has been completed and the line is no in service. Final grading and seeding of the swale along West Hamilton will happen as weather allows, other than that though, this project is considered substantially complete.

Please drive safely through all work zones!

Thank you for your continued patience!

For questions regarding any City construction project, please contact the Public Works Department at 440-775-7218.

Oberlin College Sustainable Infrastructure Project (SIP)

Oberlin College has begun this project to convert the campus heating system from an antiquated steam system to hot water delivery. This new system will lower resource use on campus and increase comfort all year around with expanded cooling to more campus buildings.  Please see the items below for more information: