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Q: What is the City of Oberlin Income Tax rate and what type of income is taxable?
A: The income tax rate is 2.5%, effective 1-1-15. Generally, gross income (including income which is deferred) and business net profits are taxable. A list of taxable and nontaxable income is available from the Regional Income Tax Agency at .

Q: Do I need to file a Declaration of Estimated Tax?
A: Every person who anticipates receiving taxable income or who engages in any business, profession, or activity subject to Oberlin income tax, after excluding Oberlin withholding and/or other credits, must file a Declaration of Estimated Tax.

Q: I am not a resident of the city but I work there. If my employer withholds my tax, do I need to file a return?
A: No, filing is only mandatory for Oberlin City residents and nonresidents whose income is not withheld upon correctly.

Q: What is the due date of the City return?
A: For individuals, the City of Oberlin tax return is due on April 15 of each year. Business (fiscal year) returns are due on the 15th day of the fourth month following the end of the fiscal year. Tax returns can be filed electronically at .

Q: Can I deduct my business losses from my W-2 wages on my tax return?
A: No, losses from self-employment, partnership interests, rental property and other like businesses may not be used to offset W-2 income.

Utility Billing

Q: Is there a deposit required to open a new utility account?
A: The City requires a $255.00 security deposit at the time of sign up for water, sewer and electric services. Waiver of deposit may be made based upon prior billing history. (Ordinance 909.05)

Q: What do I do to start service?
A: We ask that you come to our office at 69 South Main Street to sign up for services prior to service date to complete an application and provide photo ID. A deposit may be required.

Q: How soon can I get my water turned on?
A: Once notification for service is filled out, we can turn the service on the next business day. If the water is turned off, we will need access to the meter to turn water on during our meter crew’s business hours. (8:00 am to 3:30 pm Mon-Fri)

Q: Is there a minimum water, sewer, and refuse charge?
A: Yes, the minimum for water and sewer, based on an equivalent of 300 cu. ft. is $50.70, and refuse is $12.50.

Q: How long do you hold the security deposit?
A: Twelve months of ‘good payment’, which means the account has been paid in full and upon customer written request or final billing.

Q: How do I terminate my service?
A: You can call or come into our office at least 24 hours prior to the final date you request. We will schedule a date and time if necessary for access to the meter to retrieve a final reading. We will also need a forwarding address to send the final bill.

Q: What happens to my security deposit when I move?
A: If the City still holds your deposit at the time your account goes final and you move outside our service area, we apply the deposit toward your final bill. If this results in a credit, we will issue a check and mail to your new address.

Q: Who do I call if I have a refuse/recycling question? (eg.; how do I obtain a 2nd refuse or recycling cart, or how do I have a damaged cart replaced?)
A: Contact Public Works at (440) 775-7218.


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