Billing Schedule

  • 28th of Month: Utility bills are sent out.
  • 20th of following Month: Bill is due.
  • 1 day after due date: One-time late fee is applied.
  • 7-10 days after due date: A 14-day delinquent notice is mailed, which states the delinquent balance and instructions on what you can do if you are unable to pay within the next 14 days; i.e. call the Utility Office to make payment arrangements at 775-7214 or contact an Agency for assistance.
  • 28th of following Month: New bill is mailed out which indicates the past due balance, if any, along with the current charges which are due on the 20th of the new month.
  • 7 days after delinquent notice (around 5th of month): A last notice tag is placed on the property for the amount that was due on the 20th of the prior month. This is 7 days before shut off.
  • 7 days after last notice tag (around the 12th of the month): The utility is shut-off.
  • The City wants to help all customers avoid utilities disconnection – please contact us at 775-7214 as soon as you know you will be unable to pay your bill or contact one of the several local Agencies for assistance.

Utilities – Billing:
(440) 775-7211

Utilities – Past Due:
(440) 775-7214

Income Tax /Acct. Payable:
(440) 775-7212

Finance – Other:
(440) 775-7213

(440) 776-2090

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Sal Talarico
Finance Director

Heather Clawson
Finance Assistant

Beth Krosse
Finance Assistant

Marin Fowler
Finance Assistant

Kathy Balawender
Finance Assistant