1501.27 Digital/Electronic Drawing File Submissions

Projects requiring a construction permit from the Oberlin Building Department, including projects performed under annual facility or operating permits shall submit one (1) digital/electronic copy of the permit drawings in accordance with the required format in addition to the building department’s required paper copies.

A digital/electronic copy of the drawing shall not be required for the following: R3 and R4 occupancies; single family residences; other buildings or structures accessory to and located on the same lot with one and two family dwellings; projects not required to submit drawings to obtain a permit.

The digital/electronic copy of the permit drawings shall be submitted to the Fire Department through the Building Department for approval by the Fire Prevention Bureau.

Digital/electronic files shall be submitted on DVD/CD-ROM in an approved format compatible with the current fire department records management system. If submitted files are embedded with external references (“xref’s”), such (xref) drawings shall be included on the submitted CD/DVD-ROM. Cryptic naming for layers/files shall include a “definition key.” All digital/electronic files shall be drawn in feet at a 1:1 scale.

At a minimum, each file shall contain the following information:
a) Floor Plans:

  1. One plan for each building floor.
  2. All exterior and interior walls; all rated fire walls.
  3. All door locations (ingress/egress) throughout the building,
    including rollup doors and roof hatch/doors.
  4. Stairs and elevator locations.
  5. Room/suite’s names and/or numbers.
  6. Utility shutoff locations (water, electric and gas).
  7. Special hazards and high-piled stock/racks, if any.
  8. Fire department items shall include, but are not limited to, the
    location of all standpipes, fire sprinkler risers, fire extinguishing
    systems, alarm panels, fire department connections, and Knoxboxes.

b) Site Plan: Including parking lot, building numbers, parking garages, fire lanes and hydrants.

(c) Roof Plan: Layout and access (ladder/hatch locations).
The drawings are not required to contain layers listing furnishings, floor coverings, ceiling
styles/grids, plumbing fixtures, electrical (lights, switches, outlets), wall coverings, or
landscape information.

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