Oberlin “Outdoor Fitness Zone” is a community collaborative program with City of Oberlin, Oberlin Community Services and Lorain County Health and Dentistry to increase access to fitness and to encourage the use of the outdoor exercise equipment by Oberlin community. The “Fitness Zone” exercise stations are design to make everyday life task easier and to improve quality of life.


Adult obesity and the lack of physical activity by the adult population in Oberlin and Lorain County is at 32% compared to 30% for the State of Ohio and 28% nationally. More that 20% of adults in Lorain County do not participate in any type of physical activity.


The impact of chronic disease in our community, the State of Ohio and the United States is very prevalent. Chronic disease at 62% is the leading cause of death in Ohio. 33% of people in the United States have high blood pleasure, 70% of people are overweight or Obese, and millions are at risk for developing chronic disease.

The “Outdoor Fitness zone” is the City of Oberlin attempt to address the problem of adult obesity, chronic disease and the lack of physical activity by the adult population in our community. The free and accessible outdoor exercise equipment which can be utilized by resident almost year around is another way for the Oberlin community to lead a heather lifestyle.


Funding for this project was made possible by Lorain County General Health District: Communities Preventing Chronic Disease and City of Oberlin.


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