Oberlin City Department Retention Schedules

All records are the property of the public office concerned and shall not be removed, destroyed, mutilated, transferred, or otherwise damaged or disposed of, in whole or in part, except as provided by law or under the rules adopted by the records commissions provided for under sections 149.38 to 149.42 of the Ohio Revised Code. Such Records shall be delivered by outgoing officials and employees to their successors and shall not be otherwise removed, transferred, or destroyed unlawfully.

The Records Retention Schedule (RC-2) is the basis of a department’s records management program. It lists all ongoing records series with appropriate retention periods and media types. Proper scheduling of records series on an RC-2 allows for the legal disposal of public records. ¬†Below is a list of all current retention schedules for the City of Oberlin. If a schedule is not listed contact the Oberlin Clerk of Council for additional assistance.