Contact The Oberlin Underground Railroad Center Implementation Team:

City of Oberlin
85 South Main Street (Map)
Oberlin, Ohio 44074

(440) 775-7251


The Gasholder Building is located at 273 South Main Street in Oberlin, OH (just south of Edison Street – directly behind McDonald’s)


OURC Implementation Team Members:

  • Jessie Reeder, Chair (Organizational Sub-Team)
  • Lester Allen, Member (Planning Sub-Team)
  • Paul Lipke-Benn, Member (Fundraising Sub-Team)
  • Tony Mealy, Member (Planning Sub-Team)
  • Joe Peek, Member (Fundraising Sub-Team)
  • Elizabeth Meadows, Council Liaison
  • Chris Yates, Secretary


For more information on the OURCIT and other City Boards/Commissions, click here.