The Heritage Home Program is available to owners of homes in the City of Oberlin that are more than 50 years old.  Specialists working for the Program answer home maintenance and rehab questions and provide an impartial opinion – one that doesn’t include trying to sell a product or service.  This advice is absolutely FREE. This component of the Heritage Home Program is what sets it apart from other programs of its kind.  Now any homeowner wishing to do work on their older home can have the help and answers they need in order to get the project done properly. We urge you to take advantage of the following FREE services:

• Site visits to answer home repair, improvement and maintenance questions
• Advice about increasing energy efficiency
• Access to information on local contractors
• Evaluation of contractor bids and estimates
• Historic color consultation and preservation guidance

Qualified homeowners also have the option of obtaining a low-interest, fixed-rate Heritage Home Program loan through Northwest Bank, with rates as low as 2.375% for up to 10 years!  The owner just needs to have good credit and sufficient equity in the home to support the loan.  There are no points involved with the Heritage Home Program loan.

Eligible Projects include:

• Exterior and interior painting
• Kitchen and bath improvements
• Compatible additions
• Roof repair and replacement
• Basement waterproofing
• Window repair
• Masonry repair
• Insulation
• HVAC upgrades
• And much, much more!

The Heritage Home Program loan is available for owners of residential properties of three units or less, regardless of whether the owner resides at the property.  Homeowners receive custom construction specifications for exterior projects and Heritage Home Program staff is available from project start to finish!  Learn more or get started by contacting the Heritage Program at:

Call:  (216) 426-3116

For additional detailed information about the Heritage Home Program in Oberlin, please click here:  HHP Info Packet OBERLIN 2017