Whether you are exploring the Oberlin/Lorain County market, investing in a new facility, or growing within your existing footprint, the staff in the Economic Development Office is ready to meet your needs.

Local Knowledge of our Local Economy & Assets

To get a basic understanding of our market and community, please visit our Facts and Figures and Quality of Life pages. For more specific questions, the Economic Development staff can provide more tailored information to address your data needs.  City staff can also assemble a list of available sites that may be suitable for building your proposed development or for locating your business

An Advocate in City Hall

We routinely assist business owners and developers in their interactions with City of Oberlin departments, as well as its boards and commissions, to facilitate growth and overcome potential hurdles to development.

Connections to Community, State of Ohio and Federal Resources

Whether you need to find a pool of qualified job candidates, a new supplier, or assistance finding the right state or federal program to help you grow, part of our role is to connect you with resources in our community.

Project Financing

We routinely work with business owners and developers to finance quality projects that cannot be financed through traditional means. In those circumstances, we will partner with the business owner or developer to secure loans, grants, tax incentives, or other financing to make the project become a reality.


Carrie R. Porter, Director of Planning and Development

Phone: (440) 775-7250