The General Maintenance Division has multiple areas of responsibility including: Streets; Sanitary and Storm Sewer Collection; Recycling, Composting, and Refuse Collection; and the City’s Central Garage. This division may be contacted at (440) 775-7270.

Streets – This division area includes capital planning, patching, and repair; pavement marking and street signs; sweeping; snow plowing and salting. Oberlin uses salt sparingly because of its corrosive effect and negative impact on water quality and the environment. All intersections and dangerous areas are regularly salted, other areas are spot salted, as necessary.

Sidewalks – City residents are responsible for repairing and maintaining public sidewalks abutting their property. This includes winter snow and ice removal, normally within 12 hours of the snow fall.

Sanitary and Storm Sewer Collection – This division area provides maintenance and operation of the collection systems in accordance with the requirements of the City’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits.

Recycling, Composting, and Refuse Collection – The City provides comprehensive recycling, composting, and refuse collection services to residents, businesses, and institutions. These services are funded by user fees and by a property tax levy.



Residential services include:

  • Curbside cart-based recycling and refuse collection. All residential materials are collected using 64 gallon carts color-coded and labeled for recycling and for refuse. Residential refuse service is provided on a weekly basis, recycling collection on a bi-weekly basis, Tuesday through Thursday, including holidays.  Our recycling program is free but subscription-based. Residents will need to subscribe online to participate in the recycling program and ‘sign’ a pledge which includes your commitment to recycling properly. Sign-up here or contact Recycling Coordinator, Lori at 440-935-0096 for more information. Place carts at curbside at least 5 feet apart with the wheels facing the house, no later than 6 a.m. on the morning of collection.

Single-stream recycling collection includes the following:

1) Steel, Aluminum & Bi-metal Cans
2) Plastic Bottles & Jugs Only labeled  #1 or #2
3) Mixed Paper
4) Clean Corrugated Cardboard

Drop-off options are also available to recycle various materials not collected at curbside. Click here for current detailed information.

Residential refuse must be placed in the carts provided by the City. Hazardous, toxic, infectious, explosive and flammable wastes, including hot ashes, are not permitted. Additional carts are available upon request, for a 50% increase in the monthly fee. Rear yard collection is available for elderly or infirm residents.

  • Large Trash Collection – The City allows each household two (2) free large trash collections per year. Large trash collection must be scheduled in advance. The number of pickups in any given week is limited and appointments are made on a “first come – first served” basis. The amount of refuse that can be put out for large trash collection is limited to four cubic yards. If the amount of trash is over four cubic yards, the City will bill at a rate of $12.00 per cubic yard. Unscheduled large trash collections will be picked up and the resident will be billed $50.00 or $18.00 per cubic yard, whichever is greater.
  • Temporary Dumpster Service – Six cubic-yard dumpsters are available to residents on a temporary basis. The City must be able to deliver, service, and remove the dumpster without damage to trees, buildings, and overhead wires. Dumpsters must be placed on an improved, hard, and level surface such as gravel, asphalt, or concrete. Applications are available on the City’s web-site under “Forms” or at the Public Works office at 85 South Main Street. Payment is required in advance with the application. Dumpsters are only delivered and picked up on Fridays.

The following materials cannot be collected by the City’s refuse collection program: Hazardous or infectious wastes; tires; storage batteries; appliances containing refrigerants or in which the refrigerant was not removed by a licensed person; yard waste (other than a nominal amount incidental to other refuse); waste oil; bricks; rocks or concrete; dirt; or any material prohibited by State or Federal law from being land-filled.

Household hazardous waste, electronics, fluorescent lamps, scrap tires, and many other materials can be safely recycled at the Lorain County Solid Waste Management District’s Collection Center in Elyria. Please call 440-329-5440 or visit their web-site at

 CompostingThe City operates a Class IV compost facility. Materials picked up by the City are managed at the facility. There is NO public drop-off. On a monthly basis, during the growing season, the City gives away leaf compost and wood chips.

The City encourages its residents to compost leaves, yard waste, kitchen scraps, and other vegetative material at home. For a free brochure contact the Department at (440) 775-7218.

  • The City collects the following materials:

Brush Collection– Curbside brush collection service is provided one month in the spring and one month in the fall. Dates of this service will be announced on the City’s web-site and in the local media. Specific guidelines on brush collection are available on the City’s web-site or by calling (440) 775-7218.

 Leaf Collection – Leaf collection is scheduled every fall, generally near the end of October. The City will make passes through town until a majority of the leaves are collected or until snow falls. Leaves are to be raked to the curb lawn only and not into the street. Leaves in the street clog storm drains and contribute excess nutrient loading to Plum Creek. The City will not collect leaves in the spring. Residents may use the yard waste collection for residual leaves.

Holiday Tree Pick-up – Holiday trees will be collected at the curb during normal collection days, after Christmas through February. Trees should not be cut or bundled and should not be placed in plastic tree bags. All garlands and decorations must be removed.

Yard Waste – Yard waste includes grass clippings, weeds, and other non-woody plant materials. During the growing season, the City collects yard waste on Mondays; collection must be scheduled in advance by calling (440) 775-7218.   Yard waste must be placed in paper “lawn and leaf” bags or plastic yard waste bags that are clearly marked “biodegradable” by the manufacturer. Maximum weight is 30 lbs. per bag. Residents must purchase yard waste tags for $1.00 each from the City Finance/Utility Office located at 69 South Main Street.