Oberlin Municipal Light and Power System (OMLPS) is a community-owned, not-for-profit electric utility created by the community in 1934 to provide high quality, affordable services tailored to the unique needs of the Oberlin area. Owned by the community, OMLPS is governed by the residents it serves. The municipally-owned and operated electrical system provides local, reliable electric service and its priorities are directed by the community through Oberlin City Council with oversight by the City Manager and the OMLPS Director. 

OMLPS distributes, transmits, and generates electric power to its 3169 residential and commercial customers. In 2020 kilowatt-hour sales totaled 92,806,728 and the system maximum demand was 20,850 kilowatts. OMLPS has 18 employees within its Distribution, Generation, Technical Services and Administration divisions. 

Annual utility expenses  in 2020 were $11,676,930 of which $7,394,096 was used to purchase wholesale power supply for the community. Annual revenues for 2020 were $11,993,468 of which $891,644 was contributed to the City in lieu of taxes to further support the community. Additionally, OMLPS collected $362,461 from the mandated State of  Ohio kWh tax, which was remitted to the general fund.

OMLPS operates a peak-shaving power plant consisting of seven engine/generators with a total capacity of 18.5 MW. This peak shaving operation provides a reduction in the rates for all OMLPS customers.