AMP serves public power communities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana, Maryland and a joint action agency in Delaware. As a nonprofit corporation, it is owned and governed by our members, who are in turn owned and governed by their more than 650,000 customers.

AMP manages and supplies competitively priced, reliable wholesale power to member municipal electric systems. It purchases wholesale electric power and sells it to members at rates based on the purchase price and dispatch fees plus a small service fee. AMP also negotiates and coordinates power-supply options and interconnection agreements and operates an energy control center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to serve its member communities.

AMP owns and manages a diverse array of power resources, allowing members to select the sources that best meet their unique needs. It owns/operates fossil fuel and renewable generation and is developing a number of other generation assets to meet members’ short- and long-term needs through a variety of joint ventures. AMP aggressively pursues an array of new power resources, including fossil fuels, hydroelectric, solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy.

AMP also provides a wide range of additional services on a cooperative, nonprofit basis for the mutual benefit of all member communities.

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