Carbon Neutral Power Supply

In 2020, the PUC recommended that OMLPS purchase Green-E RECs annually to offset market power purchases which had a CO2 footprint. OMLPS purchased additional Green-E RECs in 2021 to offset the 2020 market power purchases which were not carbon neutral making all of Oberlin’s electric power supply 100% carbon neutral.

Sustainable Reserve Program

Oberlin Municipal Light and Power System operates a Sustainable Reserve Program to provide funding for municipal electric services, programs and/or projects demonstrating energy efficiency, energy conservation, green-house gas emission reductions and/or the development of renewable generation projects. This program is funded with a portion of net proceeds realized from the sale of renewable energy credits. The program is governed by a set of guidelines adopted by Oberlin City Council and is designed to offer environmental, social and economic benefits to the City’s electric customers on a community-wide basis. For more information on the program, click on the link below.


Energy Education

OMLPS provides electrical safety training at Safety Town for pre-school children during the summer using the Hazard Hamlet display. We also distribute electrical safety information activity booklets for grades K-5 at the Oberlin Public Schools during Electrical Safety month in May.

OMLPS offers Energy Bike demonstrations to educate local school students and the general public. The energy bike has a variety of experiments which teach concepts of energy production and energy efficiency. Energy bike demonstrations can be arranged by contacting Drew Skolnicki, Director at 440-775-7261 or 

For more information on Oberlin’s Environmental Strategies see Oberlin’s Climate Action Plan.