Mobile Food Vendor Permit

The City of Oberlin has established regulations for the operation of Mobile Food Establishments within the City to ensure the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the public by requiring permits for the operation of mobile food establishments and establishing minimum requirements related to the location, hours of operation, sanitation, etc. of such establishments.  Please see Section 797 of the Oberlin Codified Ordinances for complete regulations.

Any person or business entity who wishes to operate a Mobile Food Establishment in the City of Oberlin is required to obtain a Mobile Food Vendor Permit prior to operation.

Application Process:

  • Complete the Mobile Food Vendor Application and acquire all supplemental documents listed in the application packet.
  • Obtain an inspection for your LP-tank and system by a licensed LP-gas company. An inspection sticker/receipt/letter is valid for 12 months and is required to obtain the Fire Department inspection.
  • Call 440-774-3211 to schedule a Fire Safety Inspection of the Mobile Food Establishment or opt to undergo the inspection on the day of the event to be worked. (Inspections must be successfully completed prior to a permit being issued)
  • Submit the completed Mobile Food Vendor Application, all supplemental documents, and applicable fee to the Oberlin Fire Department (430 South Main Street – Oberlin, OH 44074)

Please read all of the information and instructions provided in the Mobile Food Vendor application packet.  If you have general questions regarding permit requirements, application procedures and/or Fire Department Inspection requirements, please contact the Oberlin Fire Department at 440-774-3211 or email questions to


  • Single Event Application Fee: $50.00 per Event
  • Annual Permit Application Fee: $125.00 per calendar year

Those Vendors anticipating working multiple events during the year may opt to pay a one-time annual fee of $125.00 for all events worked during the calendar year.  Permit application fees are non-refundable once submitted, regardless of whether a permit is issued or denied.

There are no application fees for Vendors owned and operated by Oberlin-based restaurants.

Mobile Food Vendor Designated Areas:

Permitted Mobile Food Vendors may operate in the MFV Designated Areas within the City with proper notice.  Please follow these instructions to reserve a parking space:

  • Call the Oberlin Fire Department at 440-774-3211 to request operating in a Mobile Food Vendor Designated Area. When calling, please provide your MFV information, the preferred MFV Designated Area and the requested date(s) of operation.

***Spaces must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance of operation.***

  • On the approved date, the Oberlin Police Department will cone off the space requested prior to your arrival.  Please move the cones to park your food truck and leave the cones on the curb lawn when finished.  Do not block off the parking space with cones after you have left the MFV Designated Area.

Click Here for a Map of Available Mobile Food Vendor Designated Areas