***Click here to subscribe to the City’s Recycling Program***

 Oberlin residents can recycle items through our free, subscription-based, curbside recycling program. Residents will need to take the pledge and subscribe to opt-in and participate in the recycling program.

Please note: subscription in the City’s recycling program no longer includes Glass bottles and jars; #1 & #2 Plastics –  clam-shell, produce, salad and hinged containers; Plastics #3-#7. As an option, residents can take them to the Lorain County, Collection Center. Otherwise, place those items into your refuse cart. 

Recycling Collection will be picked up every other week. Please remember to place your cart at the curb by 6:30 a.m.

A 64-gallon cart with a blue lid is provided for all your recyclable materials. Do not bag your recycling; place recyclables loose and unbagged in your recycling cart.


Please empty, rinse and dry all containers; empty and flatten all boxes.

Plastic lids can be recycled inside its plastic container; or flatten the plastic bottle and replace the lid back on.
No fast food plastics or paper cups, no plastic lids and no plastic straws or stir-sticks.

IMPORTANT: Do not jam items into cart or overstuff the container.

  • Recyclables in your cart:

    Plastic: #1 – #2 bottles and jugs only – water, soda, sports drinks; detergent and shampoo containers (plastics with a neck). NOTE: Plastic #1 & #2 containers such as ‘hinged’, take-out or produce containers are not recyclable. Aluminum, steel & bi-metal: food & beverage cans and lids – opened with a can opener or pull-top ring. Mixed Paper: including newspaper & inserts, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, phone books, box board, paper bags, TP & paper towel tubes; cardboard. Empty box and brake down before placing into cart. For more information, copy & paste this: https://recyclingsimplified.com/ into your browser for Recycling Simplified.

  • Item that CANNOT be recycled in carts

    #1 & #2 plastic containers such as hinged, takeout or (fruit) produce containers are not part of the City’s curbside program. Neither are #3 – #7 Plastics, cartons (self-stable or refrigerated) and glass bottles and jars. Containers with foods or liquids. Containers that contained hazardous materials such as oil or antifreeze. Styrofoam, aluminum foil, pie tins. Plastic wrap, plastic bags, flower pots, hoses, mirrors or plastic toys. Scrap metal, plastic furniture,; batteries; pet waste or yard waste.

  • Contamination in the Recycling Stream

    These changes are necessary to ensure that we can continue to provide your refuse, recycling, and organics collection services at a reasonable cost. Recycling services will be provided by subscription only. Material not recyclable is making recyclable materials unmarketable. One major source are cardboard boxes thrown into a recycling bin or dumpster without removing the styrofoam, plastic or other packing materials; mixing recyclable items with trash or food; not emptying and rinsing recycables; using the recycling cart as a second trash cart! Don’t be a “wishful recycler” by putting items in the recycling bin, hoping that they will be recycled. Know the city’s program and place only those items into your recycling cart. Know what to throw and when in doubt, leave it out!l Recycling Update 2022

  • Special Collections

    For items that cannot be recycled in carts, please refer to the links below for Additional Drop-off Locations and recycling ideas. Also, check to see if there are special events or collections available to dispose of specific items. Click here.

Waste Wizard material database

Where does this go? click here to access the Waste Wizard online tool

Information & Reports

Read our Recycling Progress Report as well as our Zero Waste Plan