Resolution Number TitleEffective
R18-01A Resolution Authorizing Kristin Peterson to be the Delegate to Represent the City of Oberlin as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Ohio Municipal Electric Association01/16/2018
R18-02A Resolution Appointing Heather Adelman as Designee of the Members of Council for the Purpose of the Public Records Law and Declaring an Emergency 01/02/2018
R18-03A Resolution Prescribing the Annual Compensation to be Received by the Clerk of the Oberlin Municipal Court as Required by Section 1901.31(C)(1) of the Ohio Revised Code and Declaring an Emergency03/19/2018
R18-04A Resolution of the City of Oberlin Calling on the U.S. Congress to Introduce and then Pass a Carbon Fee and Dividend Legislation05/07/32018
R18-05A Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Enter into a Partnership Agreement with the Board of Lorain County Commissioners and Sheffield Lake, Ohio for the Purposes of Outlining Their Responsibilities and the Terms of Compliance with the PY 2018 Community Housing Impact and Preservation Program (CHIP) and Declaring an Emergency04/16/2018
R18-06A Resolution Submitting to the Electors of the City of Oberlin, Ohio, at the Primary Election on May 7, 2019, the Question of Providing for the Continuation of a One-fifth of One Percent (1/5%) Levy on Income for Five (5) Years and Declaring an Emergency07/18/2018
R18-07 A Resolution in Support of the Official Designation of United States Bike Routes and State of Ohio Bike Routes in and through the City of Oberlin and Declaring an Emergency 08/20/2018
R18-08 A Resolution Declaring the Necessity for and Authorizing the Transfer of Funds by the City of Oberlin from the Electric Fund to a New Separate Special Revenue Fund, Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 5705.15 and Declaring an Emergency9/4/2018
R18-09A Resolution Authorizing the City of Oberlin to Enter Into An Agreement with Buckeye Deferred Compensation for Administration of an Employee Deferred Compensation Plan and Declaring an Emergency09/04/2018
R18-10A Resolution Authorizing the City of Oberlin to Enter Into Such Agreements as May Be Necessary for the Implementation and Administration of An Employee Deferred Compensation Plan Through AXA Advisors LLC, and Declaring an Emergency09/04/2018
R18-11A Resolution Declaring Opposition to the Deposit of the State Budget Surplus into the Rainy Day Fund and To Subsidize a Reduction in Income Tax Withholding and Urging the Ohio Governor and Members of the Ohio General Assembly to Invest the State Budget Surplus in Municipalities 10/17/2018
R18-12A Resolution Dedicating the Pavilion at 273 South Main Street (Oberlin Underground Railroad Center Site) in Honor of George Abram and Authorizing City Staff to Design and Construct an Appropriate Memorial at the Site and Declaring an Emergency10/01/2018
R18-13A Resolution Accepting the Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission and Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies and Certifying them to the County Auditor and Declaring an Emergency10/15/2018
R18-14A Resolution to Authorize the City of Oberlin to Become a Certified Member of Monarch City USA and to Encourage Oberlin Citizens to Support the Monarch Butterfly Population within the City of Oberlin11/5/2018
R18-15A Resolution to Amend Procedural Rules Relating to Oberlin City Council and Declaring an Emergency12/03/2018
R18-16 A Resolution Submitting the Question of a Renewal Tax Levy for the Purpose of Current Expenses of the Oberlin Public Library to the Electors of the Territory Served by the Library, Pursuant to Sections 5705.19(D) and 5705.23 of the Revised Code and Declaring an Emergency12/03/2018
R18-17A Resolution of the City of Oberlin in Support of the Current Ohio Kilowatt-Hour Tax 12/03/2018