R23-01A Resolution to Authorize the City Manager to Execute a Commitment Letter for Grant Application for Smart Grid: Using Edge Computing to Build Grid Resiliency Project as an Emergency Measure03/06/2023
R23-02A Resolution to Urge the Lorain County Board of Commissioners to Reconsider its Repeal of Resolution Nos. 22-909 and 22-910 and to Enter into a Contract with Cleveland Communications Inc. for the Purchase of the L3 Harris Radio System to be Utilized by Lorain County Public Safety Service Organizations and First Responders as an Emergency Measure04/03/2023
R23-03A Resolution Amending the Procedural Rules Relating to the Meetings of Oberlin City Council as an Emergency Measure05/31/2023
R23-04A Resolution Prescribing the Annual Compensation to be Received by the Clerk of the Oberlin Municipal Court as Required by Section 1901.31(C)(1) of the Ohio Revised Code as an Emergency Measure04/17/2023
R23-05A Resolution Naming Certain Properties Owned by the City of Oberlin05/17/2023
R23-06A Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Enter into a Partnership Agreement with the Board of Lorain County Commissioners; Sheffield, Ohio for the Purposes of Outlining their Responsibilities and the Terms of Compliance with the PY 2023 Community Housing Impact and Preservation Program (CHIP)06/05/2023
R23-07A Resolution Authorizing Drew Skolnicki to represent the City of Oberlin, Ohio as an Member of the Board of Trustees of American Municipal Power, Inc. as an Emergency Measure05/15/2023