The Finance Department provides residents of Oberlin with timely and accurate accounting of the City’s receipts and disbursements. The Finance Director, along with various staff assistants, oversee the duties of the accounting, income tax administration, utility billing, cash management and investments, debt management, payroll administration, fixed asset reporting, and other financial customer service. Questions regarding Finance/Utilities may be addressed to the Finance Department at (440) 775-7211 or (440) 775-7214.

Utility Service

Residents may sign up for utility service and pay utility bills at the Finance Office located at 69 South Main Street. A security deposit is required from customers prior to initiation of utility service.

Utility bills are generally mailed out around the 28th of the month and are usually due on the 20th of the next month. If not paid by the due date, a 10% penalty will be applied on the most current billing. Below is a typical Utility Billing Schedule:

  • 28th of the Month: Utility bills are sent out.
  • 20th of the following Month: Bill is due.
  • 1 day after due date: One-time late fee is applied.
  • 7-10 days after due date: A 14-day delinquent notice is mailed, which states the delinquent balance and instructions on what you can do if you are unable to pay within the next 14 days; i.e. call the Utility Office to make payment arrangements at (440) 775-7214 or contact the Agency listed on the back of your bill for assistance.  Click here for more information.
  • 28th of the Next Month: New bill is mailed out which indicates the past due balance, if any, along with the current charges which are due on the 20th of the new month.
  • 7 days after delinquent notice (around 5th of month): A last notice (orange) tag is placed on the property for the amount that was due on the 20th of the prior month.  This is 7 days before shut off.
  • 7 days after last notice (orange) tag (around the 12th of the month): The utility is shut-off.
  • The City wants to help all customers avoid utilities disconnection. If you will be unable to pay your bill, please contact us at (440) 775-7214 as soon as possible, prior to shut-off day, or contact the local Agency listed on the back of your bill for assistance.  Click here for more information.

For your convenience, there is a night drop slot on the south side of the building and in the City Hall parking lot next to the U.S. Mailbox.  Utility payments can also be made at First Merit Bank and through automatic debit of the customer’s specified bank account.

If you need financial assistance to pay your utility bill, please contact Oberlin Community Services at (440) 774-6579.

Automatic Utility Bill Payments & Email Bills

We strongly encourage utility customers to sign up for automatic payment of their monthly bill. Enjoy worry-free payment of your City utilities directly from the account you designate.  It is quick and easy to do: Simply complete this form and mail it or drop it off at the utility office as indicated.  You will continue to receive your monthly bill.  If it is correct, simply make sure you have sufficient funds in your designated bank account, and that’s it! The payment will be withdrawn from your account on the due date, avoiding late payment penalties, late payment notices, and, more importantly, potential utility shut-off for non-payment.

If you would like to GO PAPERLESS, simply click here to sign up for paperless billing.  Please Note, if you want to GO PAPERLESS, you need to sign up for Automatic Payments AND sign up for Email Bills.

Caring Fund

This fund was established several years ago with the sole purpose of assisting Oberlin utility customers who are experiencing financial hardship, such as loss of income, illness, or death of a family member. Eligibility for these funds is determined by the Oberlin Community Services Council.  Your donations can be remitted to the City of Oberlin Finance Office, 69 South Main Street, Oberlin, OH 44074.  All new utility accounts will AUTOMATICALLY be rounded up to the next whole dollar with the excess going to the Caring Fund.  To opt-out, simply call the Utilities office at (440) 775-7214 or (440) 775-7211.

City Income Tax

The City of Oberlin collects a 2.5% income tax on earned income including business and rental income. If for the entire calendar year you were under 18 years of age, retired receiving only pension, social security, interest or dividend income, or a member of the armed forces and had no other taxable income, then you can file a declaration of exemption. All other residents need to file tax returns with the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) whether tax is due or not. RITA’s toll free number is (800) 860-RITA (7482). Their website is Questions regarding City Income Tax may be addressed to the Finance Department at (440) 775-7212.