The Administrative Division provides support services for each of the other divisions within the Public Works Department and other municipal departments. 

The Oberlin Public Works Department maintains the City’s infrastructure through the coordinated efforts of six divisions: Administration; Engineering; General Maintenance Division; Building and Grounds Division; Water Division; and Waste Water Division. A properly maintained infrastructure positively affects our residents’ quality of life, our business’ ability to thrive and the general public’s ability to move safely through our community. Sound infrastructure maintenance is a tool for attracting and keeping a strong local business base, a vital part of the City’s future.

As Oberlin continues to grow, so does the need for additional streets, sanitary and storm sewer, drinking water systems and environmental services. Proper planning allows this infrastructure building and maintenance to occur without imposing additional tax burdens on Oberlin families.

If you see a condition in the City that requires the action of the Public Works Department, contact us at (440) 775-7218.

Projects and Studies

Comprehensive Downtown Revitalization Program

West College/ South Main Street Improvements

Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating Presentation

(presented at the City Council Meeting July 5th, 2011)

CBD Crosswalk Study