The Engineering Division includes two full time Professional Engineers, and a Storm Water Coordinator. They plan, design, bid, and oversee the construction of the City’s capital improvement projects and oversee Excavation & Utility Tap-In Permits which are required for all work in the public rights-of-way. In addition, the Engineering Division is responsible for managing the city’s GIS Program.

Our primary focus, and our professional ethic, is service to the public. We oversee the design and construction of public works infrastructure (relating to streets, drainage, water and sanitary sewers) and provide technical assistance to our community. Please refer to the menu at the left of this page for additional information or feel free to contact our office.

It is our objective to always to serve the interests of the City at large, but the improvements we build can have a temporary adverse affect on people while the construction is in progress. In these cases, we always strive to minimize and mitigate our construction impacts, and to be responsive to the special needs of individuals. Please contact us with questions or concerns related to the Engineering Division services and projects.

Engineering staff also provides the following services:

  • Implementation of the Capital Improvement Program projects;
  • Review & inspection of private land development projects;
  • Maintenance of record drawings and easements for public works infrastructure;
  • Development and maintenance of City mapping and GIS;
  • Development and maintenance of City standard construction specifications.

City Engineer

Randall Roberts
(440) 776-0037

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