Complete the Following to Submit a Public Records Request

    The City of Oberlin is pleased to provide the public with any public records not exempted from disclosure by law. You are not legally required to complete a written request for public records, but filling out a written request enhances our ability to identify, locate, and deliver the requested public records. Please use the space below to legibly print a clear description or identification of the particular records you wish to receive. Be sure to include a timeframe during which the record was created, for example, 1999-2000. If the request is unclear or too broad, then we may be unable to provide you with the records. This is not a legal requirement, and the City will make the records available without such identification; however, we would appreciate if you would provide the requested information in the space below. If you do not want to make a written request, or do not want to reveal your identity, please call the City Department in which the record can be found. If you choose to use this form, please provide specific details about what you want, including time frame, locations, etc. (if applicable). Thank You.
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